Cocoa Butter

The Cacao Tree, Theobroma cacao is a small to mid-size tropical evergreen tree with large, beautiful glossy leaves. The tree produces pod-shaped fruits with colorful red, orange and yellow hard exterior shells that protect the numerous cacao beans that are housed inside. These dark, flavorful beans are rich in nutritive fatty acids, minerals, polyphenols and Vitamin E. The beans are used to produce cocoa butter, cocoa powder and chocolate.

Cocoa Butter has been used within skin and hair care for centuries, originally by those that live within the tropical regions abundant with cacao trees. Traditionally, the butter has been used to soothe, protect and moisturize skin that has been exposed to harsh elements.

Our Cocoa Butter is a premium quality, 100% natural butter that possess a beautiful cocoa aroma. It is expeller pressed from cacao beans and its composition includes highly stable, natural saturated lipids that give the butters long shelf life.

The firm, primarily saturated composition of Cocoa Butter gives it the ability to soothe, protect and moisturize even very dry, flaky and problematic skin types. It helps to keep skin supple and is often used in formulations intended to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Within hair care applications, Cocoa Butter nourishes and promotes healthy, resilient hair.

INCI: Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter