Recycling program

green earth
At Yunasence we take great pride in knowing that our product containers do not have to add to the waste that is thrown into landfills.  Our containers are 100% recyclable, and with our "Recycle and be Rewarded"  program, you can take a simple step to care for the earth, future of our children and environment, and rely on the fact that the container you are holding won't end up in a landfill or ocean.

It is truly disturbing to see how plastic thrown in the ocean affects live organism and animals. We've decided to inspire our customers and other companies by reducing the over-packaging of our products not only to care for environment but also to reduce the cost of goods, and the savings can be passed on to the consumer. Now is the time for all companies to be innovative and not over package products with heavy plastic to generate a big "size impression" which is deceptive. We are the first to start.
When you collect 10 (or more) empty full size containers from our products, simply place them in a mail to us for recycling. You will receive $10 credit (or more) towards your future purchase. You can wait and collect 20, 30 and more... there is no limit. Your monetary reward will increase accordingly.
Together we're caring for the future generations of our children.
Please mail your package to:
Argania LLC / Yunasence
800 Village Square Crossing, Ste 342
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
Important: Please include a note who it is from and your email address.
Thank you