Our Promise


Yunasence is an Organic and Natural world of healthy skin care. A World where Nature and Science goes hand in hand... … Healthy radiant skin at any age is what we are passionate about… We incorporate the best of what nature and science have to offer working in synergy, to restore and support the skin's vitality and its ability to sustain its beauty all year round. Our researchers always work with the latest technology, sourcing rare and precious botanical ingredients all around the world, envisioning and developing cutting edge innovative and indulgent treatments to satisfy the most discriminating of beauty tastes. Our product line was developed by focusing on using the best organic and natural ingredients, without the use of harmful petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates or GMO. Elevate your skin care from ordinary to extraordinary with the brilliance and performance only Yunasence can deliver…



        We love animals, big and small, fuzzy and bold. All our products are tested on humans only.

The goal of Fair Trade is to reduce poverty for farmers and workers in developing countries. When we source our ingredients, we ensure that no child labor was involved, fair price is paid and good sustainable growing practices are honored. Farmers also pledge to use energy efficiently and manage waste properly, reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever possible. The use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is specifically banned.

        Fresh ingredients is the key to a fresh product and its best performance. We source our ingredients in small quantities to ensure that they do not expire before used up. Fresh ingredients are more fragrant, more potent and contribute their top quality to the final product.
        Natural skin care products are the most potent when they are fresh. Here, at Yunasence, we ensure freshness of our products by manufacturing them in small batches, but more often. Most of our products are made in 1-5 gallon batches.
        Who doesn't love trying something new? This is why we believe that sampling a new product first is the best way to fall in love with something new. We include 2-3 related samples with every order. We also offer larger, travel size, products in an introductory packs.
        We love celebrations of every kind and every year we celebrate birthdays of our company and our founder. Every April and September we through a big party in a form of BUY ONE - GET ONE Super-sale. It's always fun and always the busiest time of the year. The dates are always different, so please sign up for our newsletters to receive notifications and never miss anything important.

At Yunasence we take great pride in knowing that our product containers do not have to add to the waste that is thrown into landfills. Our containers are 100% recyclable, and with our "Recycle and be Rewarded” program, you can take a simple step to care for the earth, future of our children and environment, and rely on the fact that the container you are holding won't end up in a landfill or ocean.

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