Sea Buckthorn

Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil is obtained from the berries of the sea buckthorn plant, which belongs to the oleaster family (Elaeagnaceae). The pulp of the berries has an oil content of around 2 percent. The sea buckthorn is originally native to Nepal, but is now mainly grown in China and Russia. In Europe, the sea buckthorn is cultivated primarily in Germany and the Balkan countries. 

The extraction process used for Sea Buckthorn Oil results in a unique combination of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, plant sterols, and carotenes make this oil one of the most powerful in the fight against dry, lack lustre, and aging skin.


  • High in palmitoleic acid (omega-7, C16:1) and palmitic acid (C16:0)
  • Contains vitamin E and pro-vitamin A (carotenoids)
  • Has a bright orange-red colour

Sea Buckthorn Oil is commonly used to prevent, and treat, UV radiation burns due it's high ability to absorb UV radiation and should be considered one of the best oils for day protection products, especially natural day protection products.



  • Has an antioxidant effect because it contains vitamin E and carotenoids
  • Firms the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles
  • Strengthens the skin’s defensive and protective mechanisms



INCI: Hippophae rhamnoides