Reishi Mushroom


Reishi is a herbal mushroom known to have miraculous medicinal properties and health benefits. Legends about this mushroom’s rejuvenating qualities are widespread. Known to enhance agility, suppleness, and strength, this is unarguably herb that has given people a healthier and longer lifespan.

Known as Ganoderma lucidum scientifically, this mushroom species is known across the world under different names like Ling Zhi, Lucid Ganoderma, and Linh Chi.

The Ling Zhi 8-protein and Ganodermic acid present in Reishi are rich anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agents. Both these ingredients work in harmony, empowering the immune system and promoting blood circulation. A stronger immune system, in turn, eases free radical activities, which means your wrinkles, fine lines, and inflammations reduces. An improved blood circulation improves the elasticity and tone of your skin, slowing down the ageing process, leaving you with a clear and younger looking skin.

Various studies conducted on these mushrooms indicate that they possess the ability to cure various external skin issues, such as wounds, sunburns, rashes, and insect bites. A harmonized functioning of its anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-allergenic properties – when the combination starts working, your immunity peps up, blood circulation improves, and healing begins.

This mushroom has anti-inflammatory properties and also improves the circulation of blood. It is also a powerhouse of antioxidants. All these actions work in coordination, enabling a stronger set of hair follicles. It stimulates your hair shaft, paving way for a lush hair growth.

Doctors in Japan have approved Reishi as a cure for assorted types of cancer, when used in conjunction with radiation and other anti-cancerous drugs. Studies suggest that along with easing the negative impacts of radiation and chemotherapy, this mushroom also possesses the power to prevent the growth and spread of tumor cells. Being an immune modulator, it also helps in revitalizing and renewing the immune system, enabling faster recovery.

INCI: Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi)