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Embrace the journey of life with me, where the daily hustle and juggle of countless tasks are a shared experience. Have you ever found yourself constantly putting others before yourself? It's a common scenario, isn't it? Our innate care for others is a precious gift, and the beauty lies in the reciprocity of paying it forward, creating a cycle of love.

My story, as Natalia Millsap, unfolds across nearly three decades, weaving through the illustrious realms of high-end beauty brands such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel in both Europe and the United States. While my time as an insider in the fashion and beauty world was undeniably exciting, it also marked a personal evolution.

It took years for me to recognize the profound significance of pampering and nurturing my own body and spirit. This realization became a transformative key, allowing me to amplify the care I give to others. Because, as I discovered, the way you treat yourself resonates in how you extend that care to those around you...


I believe that there are no accidents in the Universe. Everything happens for a reason—I found myself pregnant with my first child at nearly 40 years old. In an instant, my entire world shifted. I searched for a natural skincare brand to use during my pregnancy. However, the options were scarce and failed to meet my discerning standards for quality. This experience sparked a profound calling within me, urging me to channel my expertise and enthusiasm into creating a solution for women navigating this transformative stage of life—a time of new discoveries and self-transformation.


Now, I understand what you might be thinking—launching a business while pregnant isn't the most conventional choice. And I agree; it wasn't the path I had envisioned. Yet, it was as if a magical hormone triggered just the right part of my brain. Suddenly, I was faced with a door of opportunities, self-discovery, and motivation, accompanied by a surge of energy. I wanted to share my vision and expertise with the world. The enticing glow of possibilities on the other side proved too irresistible to ignore. Overnight, I became an entrepreneur, a mad scientist, and the queen of my own empire.


It was all new to me, navigating a realm where the 'how' eluded me. Months of intense research, testing, and invaluable guidance from leading chemists and mentors in the industry followed. Through this process, using all my extensive knowledge and experience carried from working with mega brands, I crafted a line of organic and natural skincare, a holistic manifestation of my aspirations and responses to personal needs.


Yunasence (formerly Sweetsation Therapy) emerged in 2008 as a groundbreaking milestone—the inaugural organic and natural anti-aging skincare line deemed safe for mothers-to-be. My mission became clear: to share this creation with the world because I knew that there are other women like me. 





Over the course of fifteen years and another surprise pregnancy at 43, my skincare products have naturally evolved in sync with my lifestyle and the needs of my customers. While nurturing my young boys, I've carved out space for personal development. I enrolled and graduated from the British Formula Botanica Organic Skincare School, dedicating four years to deepening my expertise and creativity to skincare formulating science. To elevate my knowledge of clean skincare, I sought wisdom from the pinnacle of excellence—the European standards, that are known to be very stringent when it comes to non-toxic beauty. The best lessons are learned from the best, and that's why I chose the finest school to enhance my knowledge.


Today, Yunasence proudly offers a range of sophisticated products, from anti-aging solutions to at-home spa treatments. Our development process adheres to a simple standard: sourcing the planet’s safest, most effective ingredients and transforming them into formulas that deliver powerful results for your body, mind, and spirit and in the comfort of your own home.


I'm a passionate ingredient geek, selecting only those I'd personally choose for my own use. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen for its functional and sensory properties, as well as olfactory appeal. I believe that scents have a remarkable ability to evoke memories and elicit deep emotional responses, like aromatherapy. When we encounter a particular scent, it can trigger memories from our past, transporting us back to specific moments, places, or even people. That's why I choose natural essential oils and extracts to craft the delightful scents for our products. In essence, scents have a magical ability to transcend time and space, creating a sensory bridge between our past and present. They enrich our experiences, making them more vivid, nostalgic, and emotionally resonant.


Crafting a new formula takes 6 to 12 months (and sometimes longer), but the wait is undeniably worthwhile. The abundance of natural, active botanicals in our products not only pampers but also nourishes and soothes your skin and soul.






It has been 15 years, and our journey persists, marked by continuous growth. We championed 'natural' skincare long before 'clean' was a buzzword, advocating for eco-friendly practices before it became a trend. Witnessing the evolution of the natural and green movement has been transformative, driven by the collective demand for change from individuals like you.


I assure you, our commitment to forging ahead, innovating, and doing better remains unwavering. Your steadfast support is invaluable, and I eagerly anticipate continuing this journey with all of you!


Join me in this holistic exploration of self-love and care – the foundation for meaningful connections and impactful gestures.   







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