How to apply a facial oil correctly

Posted by YUNASENCE on 9th Dec 2023

How to apply a facial oil correctly

People often ask me why I swear by putting oil on my face. It's simple, really. A well-crafted face oil, or serum if you prefer, can do wonders. It nourishes, softens, balances sebum levels, strengthens cellular layers, fights wrinkles, helps heal scars and acne – almost an all-in-one solution.

But there is a way how to correctly use them. Image 1 shows an incorrect application and sadly a lot of similar images circulate online giving the wrong idea to a lot of people. Here’s why: When you apply oil like this, it’s challenging to measure how much you’ve used, often leading to using more than your skin needs. This excess doesn’t distribute evenly, leaving your skin too oily. Remember, your skin only absorbs what it needs; the rest stays on the surface, creating an unpleasant feel and look.

The magic is that a good oil with the correct application won't leave your face greasy. It seamlessly melts into your skin, creating the perfect canvas for your moisturizer or a makeup-free day. After years of experimenting with various skincare products and combinations, now my evening routine ends with my trusted face oil, either Omnio or Seleniya. I alternate.

The Egyptians were onto something with their love for topically-applied oils. They truly feed your skin, leaving it silky smooth. I'll share my favorite way of application – it's quick and easy. And it works.

  1. Start with freshly cleansed, slightly damp skin.
  2. Drop 3-4 drops of face oil into one hand, press or rub both palms together.
  3. Apply with light press motions or upward strokes, beginning with the cheeks and moving toward the temples and hairline.
  4. Gently tap under the eye area.
  5. Place a finger on either side of the nose bridge and move outward along the eyebrows.
  6. Continue to the forehead with gentle upward strokes.
  7. Lightly pinch along your jawline, starting from the chin and moving outwards towards each ear.
  8. Finish with your neck, using gentle, upward strokes.
  9. Don't wash your hands afterwards. Instead, just distribute the leftovers over your hands. Your hands need some love too.

If your skin is dry, you may need more than 3 drops. Try 4-5, and then observe how your skin feels.