Scents, and why we love and use them.

Posted by YUNASENCE on 13th Apr 2024

Scents, and why we love and use them.

We often underestimate the power of a good scent. Just think, what do we do when we pick up a new product? We smell it, yes. Beyond just smelling nice, the scent in our personal care products can transport us, transform our mood, and even influence our perception of a brand or product. Whether it's the calming aroma of lavender in a night cream or the refreshing zest of citrus in a morning face wash, scents play a significant role in our daily self-care routines.

We do like to use scents in our skin care for many reasons. We believe that absence of a scent delivers not a complete experience of a product. Incorporating gentle scents into our skincare products adds a layer of sophistication and indulgence. The very act of using our scented products can make the everyday act of skincare feel more like a pampered spa experience.

Beyond luxury, scents have the powerful ability to anchor us in the present moment. More than anything else. When we apply a skincare product with a particular scent, it demands our attention—our sense of smell triggers a more mindful state. We're more likely to slow down, enjoy the application process, and pay attention to how our skin feels as we massage a cream or serum into it. This mindfulness can make the skincare routine a grounding ritual that not only cares for the skin but also soothes the mind.

Certain scents are uniquely connected to our memories and emotions. The olfactory bulb in the brain, which processes smells, is part of the limbic system, an area closely associated with memory and feeling. This is why a particular scent can instantly transport us back to a moment in time or evoke a specific emotion. In skincare, familiar and comforting scents can recreate joyful or soothing memories, such as the freshness of a jasmine or the warmth of vanilla. This connection not only enhances the pleasure of using the product but can also make it something we look forward to each day as a way to evoke pleasant feelings and memories.

Let's review some of our staple products

Aquatica Hydra-Nourishing Night cream will take you on a midnight journey to a lavender field lit by a moonlight. This tranquil fusion creates a soothing ambiance, enveloping your senses in a dreamy, peaceful embrace. The floral notes of lavender and geranium, paired with the earthy tones of sage and the exotic whispers of ylang ylang, combine to create a restorative retreat from the stresses of the day. Sleep tight.

Qlumiere Bio-Restorative Cucumber Day Cream - You guessed it. The calming scent of cucumber not only soothes your skin but also gently caresses your senses. When infused with just a hint of rose, it transforms into a beautifully romantic aroma that's both refreshing and uplifting, lifting your spirits and pampering your skin in pure bliss.

Yoga Skin Oxygenating Wellness Cream - This product captures the invigorating freshness of Himalayan air through a meticulously crafted blend of botanicals. By harmonizing the lush essences of rose, jasmine, lavender, orange, and cardamom, we've created a scent that is fresh, soft, and utterly captivating. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to evoke the pure and exhilarating spirit of the mountains, offering a breathtaking aromatic experience.

Seleniya Nourishing Skin Barrier Concentrate - This product offers a dreamy, enchanting scent that envelops you in the soft, sweet embrace of a cashmere hug. With a magical blend of orange blossom, raspberry, jasmine, and patchouli, each note weaves together to transport you to a place of powdery sweetness and luxurious comfort.

Omnio Green Caviar Retinolixir - has a soft scent of green, earthy notes, with subtle floral undertones and a mysteriously soothing essence. Crafted through a mystical blend of Blue Tansy, Lavender, Jasmine, Rose Geranium, and Roman Chamomile, it evokes the sensation of a mystical forest stroll—dewy moss underfoot, with the ever-present anticipation of glimpsing a fairy around the next bend. Let this calming scent transport you to a world where magic infuses the very air you breathe.

Roseberry Soft Cleansing Balm - We've masterfully blended extracts of strawberry and jasmine with the luxurious touch of gardenia oil and a zest of clementine. It’s quite the aromatic surprise, capturing the romantic scent of roses without a single petal in the mix. This whimsical concoction is sure to enchant and mystify.

Biomaze Gentle Microdermabrasion Balm to Milk Cleanser - so sweet and yummy. fragrant blend of gardenia, papaya, and mango extracts that swirls around you like the sweetest air in a candy shop. Each time you use it, it's as though you're stepping into a tropical paradise, where the aromas are as vibrant and luscious as the juiciest, sun-ripened fruits. This cleanser not only purifies your skin but also treats your senses to a deliciously fruity escape.

And we have a lot more products where each of them delivers its own olfactory experience.

The integration of thoughtful, emotionally resonant scents into personal care products goes far beyond the functional aspect of smelling nice. It taps into a deeper psychological level, enhancing the user's mood, invoking memories, providing comfort, and even aiding in relaxation and energy levels. As we continue to recognize the importance of mental and emotional health, the role of scents in personal care will only grow, providing us with an invaluable tool for enhancing our daily lives through the simple act of smelling.

Next time you choose a personal care product, take a moment to consider not just how it smells, but how it makes you feel. That emotional response might just be the most powerful aspect of your chosen product.