'Skin flooding', the latest TikTok trend. Is it for you?

Posted by YUNASENCE on 21st Oct 2023

'Skin flooding', the latest TikTok trend. Is it for you?

Amid the challenges of the winter season, the quest for supple, nourished skin becomes a common concern. Enter TikTok's latest skincare sensation: "skin flooding." This technique has garnered attention for its promise of achieving a radiant, well-hydrated complexion, even during the frostiest days.

Diverging from the widely known "slugging" trend, which involves heavy application of petroleum jelly, skin flooding emphasizes a more nuanced approach to moisture enhancement. By utilizing a select range of products strategically, it aims to combat the persistent issue of dryness and preempt any potential breakout episodes.

Although the term "skin flooding" has gained popularity through social media, skincare experts have long recognized the significance of intense hydration in achieving healthy, resilient skin. Skin flooding essentially revolves around saturating the skin with a surge of moisture, much like a typical nighttime skincare regimen.

At the core of this technique lies the application of hyaluronic acid, renowned for its remarkable ability to draw and retain substantial amounts of water. Acting as a "moisture sponge," it significantly amplifies its efficacy when applied to damp skin or in combination with lightly moistened fingertips, ensuring the skin receives an optimal dose of hydration for a rejuvenated and vibrant appearance.

Give this regimen a go: Begin by cleansing your skin, then generously spritz with the Rose Water-infused Hydrassance Hydra-Intense Bio-Energizer Essence. Next, apply the Blu'Marine Pacific 4-D Elixir, and seal in the moisture with our revitalizing Aquatica Hydra-Nourishing Night Cream. With just these three products, your skin will be drenched in a lavish, soothing surge of hydration.